About Us

Aquafruit Media is a unique company. We provide a hybrid of solutions across multiple industry verticals including creatives, finance, government and corporates. Our solutions cover digital strategy, Core IT fundamentals and sound IT based recommendations so you can concentrate on your business, and not on your IT.

We are a small team of people, with a large offering, an exceptional delivery process and proven track record and best of all, we are easy to deal with. We design, code, test, advise, evaluate and solve problems. Our skills are broad so we can provide you the help you need.

The team behind Aquafruit Media

Scott Malpass


Scott is an IT consultant with over 12 years of ICT experience developing and executing infrastructure/operational strategies for SME clients globally. Whilst targeting clients mainly within the creative space, Scott has a proven background of strategic planning, implementation and consultation within the ICT sector and has worked with companies including Skills Victoria, Department of Human Services, XSiGHT photography and video, Jerry Ghionis, Carrington King, Grant Thornton, Pioneer 10 and Redcat to name a few.

Having taken a step into management Scott now runs a team of creative consultants who nurture, support and contribute to the growth of over 70 SME companies around the globe. Still hands on, his passion is to bridge the gap between technology and business and to provide strategic direction and purpose within any organisation.

Loushinie Sathasivam

Business Analyst / Creative Director

Loushinie is a unique individual. A strategic and logical thinker, business analysts/project manager by profession and a true creative genius at heart.

Having consulted with several IT based companies in the past 8 years within both Sri Lanka and Australia, Loushinie is responsible for translating ideas into products, concepts into designs and for driving the delivery of Aquafruit’s creative and larger based projects to the end client.

Working within both the offline and online space, Loushinie is an artist gone digital, with a passion and knack for translating IT into business and business into an exceptional, marketing and sales orientated package.

A true blend of logical, creative and results orientated.

Andrew Neophytou

IT Technology Specialist

Rounding out our technical team, Andrew Neophytou brings over 19 years of experience to the Aquafruit Team.

With a solid foundation in ICT, networks, mac’s, pc’s, servers, LAN, WAN, WIP, SAN, routing, ISP, firewall, managed services, monitoring, security enterprise class technologies, customer service and high capacity/value project deployments, Andrew adds a dynamic charismatic to the team and a solid ground for the creative energies of Aquafruit Media.

If you have ever had the opportunity to work with Andrew, you will know that he’s a straight shooter, with a hands on ‘this is how it is’ approach – with a proven track record.

Nic Prass

Marketing and Communications

Nic is a marketing, communications and business professional and has gathered over 20 years experience working with some of the country’s biggest and best advertising agencies and clients, including Clemenger BBDO, Young & Rubicam, George Patts, DDB, PepsiCo Group, Kodak and CSL.

He has also produced and directed a myriad of film, television and multimedia projects and overseen a varying array of brand, advertising and marketing campaigns for international icons including Cadbury, Schweppes, Goodyear, Mazda, Yamaha Music, GlaxoSmithKline, Ego Pharmaceuticals, CSL Biotherapies, HBA Health Insurance, Telstra, Dulux, NAB, Murray Goulburn and Australia Post.

Nic brings a strategic and proven ROI to our clients on an ongoing basis, whist providing windows into new and emerging trends within the Australian market.


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