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Log files are killers on SBS 2008

This one is for the tech’s out there.

As you know, SBS2008 is a one drive, memory hog of an operating system and it requires a minimum of 60GB just for the operating system partition. Well, as it turns out, even 60 GB is not sufficient. Last week, I was working on a client’s server and found a way to free up 30 GB of space just  buy purging the IIS log files. Yep, we all need 30 GB of logs for what ever reason!

Anyway, rather than spending 3 hours looking around and running 3rd party apps etc to find the cause, I decided to google it (love google) and came across this article

So now, I’ve got 3 hours up my sleve. Might be time to look at the other space hogging SBS2008 servers I look after as well!

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