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Mac OS X Lion

Since the original article published in September, Lion has proven to be a robust, stable, intuitive operating system (OS) to use. It’s intelligent, simple to use and has everything you need within an OS.

Under the hood, there are a number of differences (that I won’t publisher here as it’s been splattered all over the net) compared to Snow Leopard that are Lion only. Other features have been left out. The biggest change, would have to be the way the multitouch track gestures, the file versioning and the launch time of the OS. If you add this to a snappy mac hardware platform, then there is not a lot that you need to change.

Having said that, the following may be useful as both references and tutorials for you if you want to know more.

First off, directly from Apple :

Other sources of good information  : You Tube :


The real deal in and around the Lion – the good :

Lion is a power packed OS with loads of features, intuitive smarts, native applications out of the box that just work and quite simply, it’s a more productive environment across the board. Apple is a little unique in that it owns both the OS and the Hardware for the Mac. Hence, it’s a robust OS for any environment, not just the creatives.Speed wise, Lion is noticeably faster at boot and is also a lot snappier in response time. The applications that are native have been re-written for full screen functionality (not all of them), with a welcome display that allows you to concentrate on what you are doing and not get distracted. Resizing the windows on a Mac, can now be done from any side of the screen, not just the bottom right hand corner. The calendar. A lot of simple smarts here including writing in plain text and having the calendar convert it to a calendar invite and the list goes on ..

The Bad : 

Versions – Apple, you need to explain this one! If you look on the Apple site, ( it details in big picture what the original thinking around versions was. Realistically though,  it’ a little un-intuitive. Unless of course, you work the apple way.

First off, don’t save anymore. You don’t need to. Second, you can save different versions if you need to by duplicating the document you are working on. It’s interesting, if you think like a Mac, it works well. If you think like a non-mac, then it doesn’t work so well. Either way, it’s here to stay, so unless you want to roll back to Snow Leopard or move to Windows, then it might be time to think more like a Mac.

The Ugly : 

Changing culture. Lion is a great upgrade and has a lot of good things going for it. As long as you are ready to embrace it. If you not ready to embrace it, then it has issues that people may/may not like. Overall, here at Aquafruit, we like it.

From here on in, you can make your own decision …

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