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Mountain Lion – Time to Upgrade – Yes or No?

Mountain Lion Hardware Hero Shot - Should you Upgrade?

Ok, Mountain Lion has been out for just over a month now. We though we would share a few thoughts with those of you within the photography industry as wether or not to make the move yet and upgrade.

First of all, there are compatibility issues. Not out right “this won’t work” issues, but more of the Photoshop CS4 speed is really bad issues. CS4 doesn’t really work as well as it should mainly due to it’s 32 bit speed and Memory limitations. For those of you using Photoshop CS4, the upgrade to Lion with won’t make any difference to Photoshop at all. In fact, you may have the perception that it’s actually slowed down. This is not really the case, it’s just that every thing else has gotten faster!

Mountain lion has a lot of really good things – and some not so good things – going for it. There are countless reviews such as  :


to mention a few. Really though, should you upgrade or not?

Well, first up, check the requirements to make sure its going to work for you from an upgrade perspective. The official upgrade requirements from Apple are here

On the hardware side – in addition to what’s written on the Apple site, you should really be running at least 4GB of memory – preferably 8GB. If you can afford it, shell out for a SSD (Solid State Drive) as well. (If you need a quote, Aquafruit can provide you with one!). A SSD will make a world of difference, and they are not that expensive – unless of course you are looking for a huge amount of storage space.

It’s all about speed – isn’t it?
The upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard was a big leap. Not in features, but in the snappiness of the over all system and speed improvements. The upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion was awesome – at the functionality level, not at the speed level.

The upgrade to Mountain Lion brings new IOS integration and a better, snappier system overall. A lot of this is due to the Video (GPU) speed improvements, as well as the overall system improvements.

Notification Centre - Should you Upgrade?

What’s new?
There are a number of new features within Mountain Lion. A complete list is available here

From our perspective, some of the new features are must have’s, some are nice to have and then there is the “yeah, what ever” changes.

One of the new improvements worthy of mention is “IOS” integration features. We love the notification centre, the twitter integration, the notes, calendar, iCloud and Launch Pad integration.

You can read about them here

That’s enough said from our end. For all the Mac people out there, if you are looking to upgrade, do your homework, check the specs, and if it’s right for you, download a copy and install it today.



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