Web Development

Web design

Your web site – in it’s simplest form – is a marketing tool.

It allows your clients, partners and potential clients to decide if they would like to do business with you, buy something from you, or ask for more information.

Straight up, if your website doesn’t promote your business in a positive light, some of your potential cliental has already been lost. But, that’s not all. A great website is only a good tool, if it’s easy to use, easy to find and provides the end client with what they need.

To have a successful web presence, you need to have six (6) objectives.

  1. A web site that convey’s your message – to the correct audience
  2. A marketing strategy (so your site can be found)
  3. A workflow (or goals) for your audience to take (call to action, get in touch, buy something etc)
  4. Engaging content for new/repeat business
  5. Simplicity
  6. Speed

If you haven’t covered these, then you may not be getting the most from your site.

At Aquafruit, we have a passion and care deeply about the quality of our work. We believe it is reflected in the work we do, the services and solutions we provide and the clients that we have. Our offering includes not only websites in almost any form, but also the below.

Usability Testing and  Information Workflow

Usability vs functionality vs speed. It’s all important. We build websites with the end client in mind to :

  • Decrease load times
  • Display’s the most relevant information to the end client first and
  • Provides the end user with a great online experience

To achieve this, we employ a wire-framing and information workflow stage to all of our sites and engage in user group testing and refinement where ever possible. Coupled with rapid prototyping, full software development lifecycle methodologies and usergroup feedback, we aim to build the best online experience where ever possible.

Mobile Application Development

Extending our services further, Aquafruit now offers our clients mobile application design and usability prototyping for iPhone, Andriod and Windows mobile. Through our channel partners, we are also now offering mobile application development and deployment into the global market.

Content Management Systems

Our preferred choice of building web sites is through a Content Management System that provides our clients with :

  •  A platform that can grow as they grow
  • An engine that can allow for quick information posts and content changes
  • A media rich platform for images, video, music and other media
  • A platform that will integrate into social media and email marketing
  • A simple engine that requires very little IT/Web knowledge
  • A platform that is SEO friendly and plugin rich.

E-Commerce solutions

Taking the Content Management System further, Aquafruit offers an online e-commerce application for online shopping, catalogues, donations and event management. This allows our clients to take their business online, sell into a global market, employ media rich content and – when coupled with a suitable marketing strategy – provide results and a return on their investment.

We integrate several payment gateways including the major Australian banks, paypal and several overseas funds agencies such as World Pay.